Holden Knight provides international patients a new service that will revolutionise the medical care they seek in the United Kingdom. We offer patients the chance to connect directly with our expansive network of high calibre consultants in the UK making a complicated process as simple as a click.


Holden Knight’s United Kingdom based consultants will review your medical records, scans and test results and provide a report advising their opinion on the case.
Instead of flying to the United Kingdom for the initial consultation you may now have your first appointment via videoconference at one of our clinics. A local physician will aide the patient during the videoconference consultation. This service saves the patient both time and the cost of flying to the UK. The consultant will provide you with his opinion on the case and you will be able to ask questions directly.
Should a patient require further consultations or medical procedures in the United Kingdom, Holden Knight will make all the necessary arrangements on the patient’s behalf. Holden Knight will guide you step by step to ensure that you receive the highest level of medical care and at the same time will help the patient reduce the costs for as much as possible through our exclusive partnerships with some of the best hospitals and consultants in the UK.



We at Holden Knight understand that requiring medical care can be an overwhelming journey and we are there to make all the necessary arrangements on your behalf, ensuring that we provide you with a clear path whilst minimising the costs associated with it as much as possible without sacrificing the quality of medical care.

Holden Knight will ensure that you follow the right steps so a patient will not only save valuable time, that is crucial for any patient, but also will help the patient with significant monetary savings.

Holden Knight doesn’t refer a patient to the consultants in London targeting the Middle East market and therefore charge accordingly. We target the best consultants from around the UK ensuring they provide the best level of care at a reasonable cost.






Holden Knight offers a secure patient portal. Patients will securely upload medical records and scans to their profile once they signup.
Patients will have a hyperlink that helps them share their medical records and scans with their chosen consultant. The patient portal will ensure that all their records are in one place and are easily viewed by consultants without the hassle of emailing medical records and scans.
Consultants will also be able to interact with the patient directly by adding the reports to the patient’s profile. This service will provide a timeline for the patient and their doctors of their medical history. It’s our very own medical records social network-esque portal.


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